Learn how to tap dance from the internet’s #1 tap dance teacher, Rod Howell!  You’ll have a blast learning the basics of tap dance and be doing your first tap dance combination in no time!

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Anyone can learn how to tap dance and tap dance teacher Rod Howell makes it fun and easy. He guides you through step by step explaining everything in a simple clear way that anyone can understand.

So many other tap dance videos just show you a new step a couple of times and then expect you to be able to do the step as if you’d been doing it for years. That’s crazy! Rod understands what it’s like to be learning tap for the first time. That’s why he goes slow one step at a time with lots of practicing in between.

Rod also keeps the tap dance lessons fun and upbeat. No one wants to take lessons from a teacher with no personality - with Rod you don’t have to worry about that.

Now let’s talk about value for your money. Most other beginner lesson videos are about an hour or hour and a half. Do you really think you are going to learn all the basics in an hour and a half? Rod’s complete beginner lesson series (he knew one video wasn’t nearly enough to learn how to tap dance) consists of 12 lessons and a total running time of about 12 hours. Yes you read that right, 12 hours of lessons. Now if that’s too much for you, you can start off with just the first 4 lessons but we know once you get started you won’t want to stop.

And that’s great because we have a complete advanced-beginner series (the next level up) waiting for you when you do.

We can’t wait to have join our tap dancing family!

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